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Medical Event SurveyThe Empowered Patient Coalition, a non-profit patient safety organization, offers a reporting survey to capture medical events from the patient's point of view. The survey is unique in that it focuses on the patient perspective and it makes aggregate data available on our website under "view reporting data."

Our survey strives to give patients a voice and relate their experiences to those of others. We tell the backstories of patient harm and its long-reaching effects on individuals, family members, and our entire health care system. The survey is divided into carefully chosen sections covering major areas in which patients experience adverse events during their medical care.

The survey can be taken anonymously, but a majority of respondents do provide contact information. We will not collect or share your contact information unless you give us explicit permission to do so. While much of the survey is checking the appropriate boxes, there are ample opportunities to leave narrative comments and share additional details. If you have experienced more than one event, please fill out a separate survey for each event, which assists in our data collection and sharing process.

The data to date is both telling and powerful. We hope you will share your experiences as we work to improve patient safety and quality.

Thank-you, The Empowered Patient Coalition

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